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SOCOM Sales Hit One Million

Apparently, people enjoy shooting things as Navy SEALs.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: March 7, 2003

Sales of Sony's flagship online title, SOCOM, have finally hit a cool million, essentially qualifiying it as "a hit" among those keeping track. In typical SCEA fashion, a press release today was littered with numbers, including some admittedly impressive online numbers.

While the million-selling mark doesn't mean there are a million people playing online (that number is actually quite a bit lower due to the fact that game is broadband-only, and the single-player aspect is more than enough for most gamers to pick it up), there is plenty of online fragging taking place. In the past week over a million hours of combined gameplay have taken place bringing the total play time this year to date to over eight and a half million hours. Anywhere between 50 and 60 thousand people are setting up games on a given day, with up to 13,000 of them playing at the same time for an average of three hours. This is made a bit more impressive by the fact that SOCOM is only available right now here in North America, so worldwide players have yet to enter the picture.

"Due to the solid gameplay and revolutionary features such as 16-player gameplay and voice-chat, SOCOM has been one of the driving factors leading people online with PlayStation 2," beamed EB Games VP Pete Roithmayr. "Since its release, SOCOM has been flying off our shelves and influencing sales of the network adaptor while establishing a new standard for online console games and proving that online gaming is definitely in high demand for the next era of software titles."

"With the USB headset bundled in with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, PlayStation 2 consumers are provided with a unique tool to begin their online experience for SOCOM and many more online titles to come," exclaimed SCEA Executive VP Jack Tretton. "This strong demand demonstrates the popularity and mass appeal of SOCOM while reinforcing the fact that millions of consumers are making PlayStation 2 their first choice in online gaming. Due to the engaging multi-player gaming experience found in SOCOM, we expect demand to remain high and continue to be a driving force for sales of the Network Adaptor for PlayStation 2."

Online gaming has hit in a big way, bigger than nearly anyone had anticipated, and should all but ensure that the next big step in console games will be in the form of some kind of online content, whether it's simply posting scores or downloading extra levels and goodies. This year's E3 should be rife with new online titles, and rest assured that we'll be there to give you the goods come mid-May.