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Shrek SuperSlam


Ooh, look a new Shrek game!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: October 25, 2005
If you read the site much -- and of course you do, how can you not, what with all our quirky antics and totally unforced 'tude - you'll know we're not really a fan of the licensed game. It just rubs us the wrong way to know something that looks like crap, plays like crap and was shat out in about three months to make the movie release is going to sell better than something a billion times better.

But there's hope, dear friends. Hope from the peeps at Shaba Games, who are more than happy to scream "nuh uh!" and point at their own work Shrek SuperSlam as a clear example of how not all licensed properties instantly turn to digital crap as soon as they're burned onto a game disc.

In fact, we rather like the game, but we're going to hold off on telling you precisely why until a few hours from now because we like the suspense. Suspeeeeeeense! But hey, it's not like you can't read the preview to get the gist of why we were so pleasantly surprised. Or you can listen to Activision VP of Global Brand Management, David Pokress, but we doubt he'll do anything to quell the suspeeeeeense.

"Building on Shrek 2's success as the best-selling children's game of 2004, we are working with DreamWorks Animation to create an all-new Shrek experience," explained Pokress, totally not easing the suspeeeeense. "Shrek SuperSlam will deliver the signature humor of the ogre and his friends as well as parody legendary fairy tales and popular culture in a twisted slam fest that will appeal to fans old and new."

So there. If our bestest best friend David says so, it's so. Don't cross him, he'll cold cock yuh. That man will light you up like a Christmas tree. We've seen it, and it ain't pretty.