Rampage: Total Destruction

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Media goodness straight out of Midway's Gamers' Day event. Dig it!

Is that a monster outside my window? My God, it is - Rampage must be back!

12 new screens! In widescreen! Sporting nice lighting effects! So they're probably not running on the PS2! But we won't tell if you won't. Plus, a trailer!

Let these 10 spankin' new shots of Midway's Rampage remake introduce you to the new characters -- or, better yet, just watch the video.

With all these new screens and movies coming your way, it'll be like you were actually at Midway's Gamers' Day '06. Uh, us too.

Give a warm welcome to the newest members of the Rampage crew. They'll be terrorizing a town near you on April 24.

So much for the humble cast of three, eh? Check out this week's cast of city-wreckers.

What's this? MOOOOOOOOOOORE characters?! Yep, four more, to be exact. Peep them doing what they do best in some hawt new screen/video action.

The Rampage gang is now tearing up their own official website. Is that all they know how to do?

Seriously, those monsters just stomped those game stores right to the ground.

The game may be out, but that won't stop Midway from kicking out a final batch of screens and a movie. And it won't stop us from posting 'em.