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Capcom Adds Some Zazz(le) to Online Shopping

Branded tees, hats, stickers and more in a bevy of classic Capcom flavors.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 20, 2010
Now we'll fully admit we've never heard of this "Zazzle" -- if that really is their name -- but Capcom clearly has. We know this because Tyler Durden knows thi- whoops, wrong story. We know because a) Capcom made sure to send out a press release with a handy dandy link, and b) we did some exhaustive research that involved a lot of clicking on links found in press releases, and when we say "a lot," we mean one click.

Thankfully, our grey matter has been filled with the relevant info, which we can now dispense to you. Sure, it meant forgetting important stuff like loves ones' birthdays and what color our significant others' eyes are, but hey, we do it for you, our faithful reader because we love you. Yes, you. No, the other one. The cute on-yeahhhh, that's the one. We love you, girl.

But we love old-school vidja games almost as much, which is why the idea of being able to snatch up literally dozens of different t-shirts, bags, mugs, hats and stickers emblazoned with the distinctive logos of a bygone era (and, uh, a few from a far more recent one) just makes us all warm and fuzzy. That's probably cancer or something, but for now we'll pretend it's nostalgia causing crippling, stabbing pains somewhere near our pancreas followed by warm fuzzies.

Here's the deal: a smattering of various logos and character designs have been slapped across an impressive array of different offerings right on over here and this little link. Broken up in Monster Hunter Tri, Rival Schools, Power Stone and "Classic Arcade" categories (that latter one offering wares ranging from the original Street Fighter to Bionic Commando to Final Fight and plenty more). All this really means is that you guys now have the opportunity to snatch up some choice vintage goodies for just a few bucks.

The offerings on hand are likely to expand if there's enough interest, so we're hoping this takes off a little bit. After all, if we can't have our own Mega Man tee in some kind of ghastly, hideous pink, however will we fit in with all those douchey hipster kids? Sixers of PBR just aren't doing it anymore, and we've already spent hundreds on old clothes that cost more than new ones because we want to be super-ironic.

So do you part, won't you? Help us help you to help us to become super-ironic and cool too. We crave acceptance!