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Eutechnyx Scores 9+ Million in Funding

Amsterdam VC gives the racing dev a bit more breathing room.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 13, 2010
It can be a depressing thing, seeing one independent developer after another either getting gobbled up or shutting their doors in this economy. Sure, things certainly seem to picking up (albeit slowly) in pockets of the world that aren't Greece, but that doesn't mean dev houses that rode out the worst of it will have the cash to stay afloat until things really are on the inevitable upswing, which is why we're glad to see that UK-based Eutechnyx, purveyors of fine hillbilly-fused racing games among other more refined motoring sims, has managed to pull down a nice chunk of cash.

The catalyst, it would seem, was whatever they happen to be working on right now in very hush-hush ways. The tech, along with a new free-to-play model as the company dips its toes into the casual gaming market, was apparently enough to lock down nine and a quarter million bucks from Dutch venture capital firm Prime Technology Ventures. Whatever Eutechnyx is working on, it's apparently enough to coax some serious green out of the wallets of a group that hadn't yet gotten into the world of vidja games.

The 23 year-old, 160 person-strong development house clearly demonstrated something promising, and though they aren't quite ready to say what that is right now, all the parties involved are more than happy to gush about what a great deal the whole cash infusion was.

“When we saw what Eutechnyx was working on, we knew we had to be involved, particularly given Eutechnyx’s track record, design heritage and jaw-dropping technology,” squealed Prime Technology Ventures General Partner Monish Suri. “We only invest in the best, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to play a role in the creation of projects that will drive the future of videogames.”

“We’re thrilled to have secured this investment headed up by Europe’s most successful technology VC,” beamed an obviously enthused Brian Jobling, Eutechnyx's CEO. “As an independent developer, this infusion will help us to continue to forge our own destiny within a rapidly changing games industry. Not only does the investment enable us to continue to innovate, we can continue to do so on our own terms.”

That last part is what makes us grin just a bit. Beholden to no publisher (at least not yet) and free to make a game that isn't based (we hope) on a previous license, the house that vroom vroom built will hopefully have enough mojo to roll out their upcoming projects for all the world to see and, we hope, one that will blow the doors (oooh, punny) off anything else out there. After more than two decades making games, we're definitely ready to see Eutechnyx become something more of a holdhold name -- if only to see how people here in the States would absolutely butcher the name. "It's got all those Ys and Zs and I think there's a squiggly line and an ampersand in there somewhere!"

Yes, we imagine our slightly illiterate hicks with "ampersand" as part of their vocabulary. Because we're nerds.