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[Shipping Out] April 14th

The PS2 gets a rock injection courtesy of Metallica.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 14, 2009
Welcome to Shipping Out, our weekly notice of all them thar games that ship from publishers to retailers in preparation for their street date a day later. In many cases, these games won't be on store shelves until tomorrow, but in the interest of getting the word out, letting the PR departments have their fancy quotes and saving us sanity as the weekly releases pile up, we're going to be consolidating everything down into one handy little news story at the end of the day, along with this description. Neat, eh? And lazy!

It's the TPS way.

[PlayStation 2]

[Guitar Hero: Metallica]
If you're a little confused, don't be; the PlayStation 2 version of Guitar Hero: Metallica lagged behind its next-gen brethren a little, but it's finally arrived. We can't attest to the quality of the port (and we're more than a little leery considering it was effectively made for next-gen platforms), but no amount of last-gen stank can detract from the awesomeness of being able to play with the big boys of Metallica and friends. If you haven't seen our glowing review yet, well now's your chance to see what all the praise is about.

"Guitar Hero Metallica has garnered critical acclaim across the industry proving the widespread appeal and accessibility of both Guitar Hero and Metallica," chimes in Will Kassoy, Head of Publishing for the Guitar Hero franchise. "With a very successful launch on Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, we are excited to bring the game to the huge PlayStation 2 system gaming community and expect it to quickly become a fan favorite for that platform."

[PlayStation Portable]

Nada just yet, but the week is young...

[PlayStation 3]

Zippo this week -- at least as far as press releases are concerned.

Publishers: want to make sure we've got your games in our weekly Shipping Out blurbs? Just kick over those shipping press releases to Shipping Out (at) TotalPlayStation (dot) com and we'll make sure they get tossed into the rotation.

Now go, gamers, go and spend, spend, spend!