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Play Hard, Spend Harder

Young and innovative developer and publisher Play Hard keeps it going on the fast lane of internet startups.
Author: Parjanya C. Holtz
Published: January 14, 2009
By visiting this site you may actually be well aware of the fact that we hardly cover any non PlayStation related news or topics. Though having friends in the business makes one a powerful man (or woman!) and therefore this article has made it into our news section.

Play Hard Sports Inc., a leading developer and publisher of free online sports games, announced today that their company's growth is continuing rapidly despite the world's economy being in a current state of emergency. (Read: Everything is pretty fucked up these days)

By receiving $8 million in Series B funding the company raised its overall capital to $13 million in less than nine months. New Enterprise Associates is being joined by Valhalla Partners and TriplePoint Capital as the young successful company's main investors.

"We were presented with a number of opportunities that would accelerate our growth and market position and were thrilled to secure funding from well respected firms like Valhalla, TriplePoint and NEA," beamed Play Hard founder and CEO, Jeffrey Anderson. "The new financing will allow us to capitalize on current opportunities, expand our portfolio and secure additional marketing, licensing and sponsorship prospects."

Play Hard is currently working hard on their first title game, Play Hard Football (PHF), which is planned to launch simultaneously with the 2009 NFL season. The team behind the game has built up quite a reputation over the years with titles including Madden 05, 06, NFL2K, NBA2K and The Lord of the Rings MMORPG. The game itself will offer fast and easy accessibility on the PC through flash-enabled web-browsers. All you fantasy football geeks, wannabe coaches and youngster managers out there can already head over to to sign up for the beta which will effectively launch in a few short months. Once the beta opens you will be able to choose your own football team and rise the ranks to ultimately lead it to world domination!