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Subway and Konami Aim to Get Kids Fit

Sammiches and DDR? Yeah, that's one way to do it.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: January 6, 2009
Subway has been riding their whole "we're healthy" ...thing for a while now, and while it's true that if you stick to the basics (read: no double-stacks of tuna or something), opt out of cheese and mayo that you're actually got a pretty balanced little meal. With childhood obesity rates soaring, though, we're willing to give the nod to The House that Jared built and Konami for at least parlaying that idea of fitness and eating well with a little Dance Dance Revolution infusion into something that helps encourage being active.

Starting... well, starting last week, actually and running through March 29th, six different toys will be bundled with the Fresh Fit for Kids Meals served at Happy Meal-weaned li'l tykes: DDR-branded Water Bottle, Disco Revolution, Break-it-Down, Pencil Pal, Dancemania and Action Armband goodies will all be there to choose from. We're not entirely sure what those things are, exactly, but hey, who doesn't love free toys? No, we're not positive they're cool toys, but free's free.

The promo, which should see some pretty heavy commercial backing on the usual kid's networks like The Disney Channel, Nick and Cartoon Network, also includes a $10 off discount coupon good for all the latest versions of the Dance Dance Revolution series (including that very PS2 game we linked to up in that top paragraph there). It's not a bad deal, all things considered, and if you were looking for an excuse to knock an Alexander Hamilton off the cost of snagging a new way to flail around wildly (while counting calories burned in Workout Mode, Konami is quick to point out), here ya go! Go nuts, kids!