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[Shipping Out] November 5th

Anime, Dreamworks and a whole lotta press releases.
Author: Nick Waits
Published: November 5, 2008
Welcome to Shipping Out, our weekly notice of all them thar games that ship from publishers to retailers in preparation for their street date a day later. In many cases, these games won't be on store shelves until tomorrow, but in the interest of getting the word out, letting the PR departments have their fancy quotes and saving us sanity as the weekly releases pile up, we're going to be consolidating everything down into one handy little news story at the end of the day, along with this description. Neat, eh? And lazy!

It's the TPS way.

[PlayStation 3]

[Valkyria Chronicles]

I won't waste time here, this game is awesome and you can expect to see our review up this weekend. That's all that needs to be said really. If they manage to keep a steady stream of games like this hitting the PS3 they'll have some very happy gamers out there indeed. We're saving all the juicey tidbits and praise for the review so in the meantime, here's a summary from the press release for the game:

"In this epic adventure set in 1930s fictitious Europe, players assume the role of Welkin, a heroic commander who leads his small platoon against two neighboring enemy nations on the brink of war. As Welkin's small country is engulfed in battle, the "Valkyria," an ancient race with destructive powers, emerges in the invading faction. Faced with this new threat, Welkin and his troops gather their courage to fight as never before for their freedom and a better future.

Valkyria Chronicles has over 40 hours of gameplay, over 50 upgradable playable characters to choose from and over 30 beautifully rendered battlefields for players to battle through and explore. The epic storyline will also draw gamers deeper into the game and will provide enough depth and complexity to offer players a truly satisfying gameplay experience."

[Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm]

Crazy whacko fighting game based on some anime, complete with surprisingly awesome graphics that will make you go "Ooooh!" and feel proud of your big fancy HDTV. This game has some fantastic animation aswell, although we suspect if you're at all interested in it you will have already downloaded the demo from the PSN Store. Might not appeal to people who refuse to prance about wearing goofy headbands thinking they're anime ninjas, but if you're a fan i think it's safe to say this is one of the better Naruto games that's been released. Go-go gadget press release!

"Bringing the gameplay of the critically-acclaimed Ultimate Ninja franchise into full 3D, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm introduces epic ninja clashes packed with acrobatic moves and over-the-top attacks in huge arenas modeled after the most memorable locations from the animated series. Featuring 25 playable characters, players can call upon support allies for help in battle, use a selection of customizable equipment and even fight on walls as they take on their opponent. Each character has a variety of close-combat and ranged attacks at their disposal, and can also take on new and powerful forms when low on health, giving players a last chance for victory when the outlook is bleak. Translating the incredible action of the animated series to video game form, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm takes advantage of the PlayStation 3 system hardware to produce fluid animations, incredible visual detail and an advanced facial expression system."

[Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe]

Toasty! I suspect a fair few of you have been keeping an eye on this game, most likely for the same reasons one might slow down for a car crash. Don't write the game off yet though, it has some interesting new gameplay mechanics and could end up being a very solid fighter. Expect a review if we can get our hands on a copy, we're very anxious to see how this one turned out.

"We are proud to release to manufacturing Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, the culmination of two years of effort and a rewarding collaboration with our friends at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics," said Ed Boon, executive producer and co-creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise. "So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, and I can't wait to get this into the hands of MK diehards and DC Comics fans alike when the game becomes available on Nov. 16 in North America and Nov. 21 throughout Europe! "

[Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa]

We can't keep up with everything you know, especially all these Dreamworks games (seriously guys calm it down a little yeah?) so umm.. Yeah, here's another Dreamworks game being shovelled out for Christmas. Most likely about animals and some such, and probably has some rather vile fanfiction written about it somewhere. Apparently the games a blast though and "Kids of all ages will have a blast playing through expanded movie worlds on their own or engaging in the fun-filled adventures with family and friends" according to Kim Salzer, vice president of Global Brand Management, Activision Publishing. Well you know what? We don't believe you, Kim. Feel free to send us a review copy to attempt to change our minds though, maybe we could offload it to the guy who did our Fracture review and see if he kills himself.

In an attempt to avoid scarring my soul with fanfiction/art i don't want to see whilst trying to get clued-up on this i'm just going to give you a snippet of the press release, you get the idea right?

"Following the success of DreamWorks Animation's 2005 blockbuster movie and best-selling video game "Madagascar" comes the all new Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa video game. Assuming the roles of all their favorite characters, including those crafty Penguins, players must work through 12 distinct levels featuring a variety of wild adventures and fun mini-games. In addition to the diverse single-player gameplay, the Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa video gamedelivers an enhanced multiplayer tournament mode allowing gamers to participate in zany competitions alongside or against friends and family."

Crafty penguins eh? I'd rather eat my own face.

[Score International Baja 1000]

Oh what have we here, another quality release from Activision. Nice one guys, i'm falling over myself to get my hands on another Baja game. The fact that there's only 1 screenshot available for this game has my spider sense tingling, if not throbbing. No reviews either eh? Yeah ok. There's little information available for the game so we don't have much to tell you guys really. Being TPS though we couldn't leave you hanging so here's another press release for you:

SCORE International Baja 1000: The Official Game lets players feel the danger of wheel-to-wheel racing action over treacherous terrain. There over 90 different vehicles across six official SCORE classes, including Trophy Trucks, motorcycles, Class Is, ATVs, dirt bikes and more. Career mode consists of stages where the player progresses down the Baja Peninsula, engaging in events like qualifiers, circuits, and endurance races. All of the vehicles are susceptible to wear and tear and will reflect damage in detail. To top it off, SCORE International Baja 1000: The Official Game has full online play where up to eight competitors can connect and participate in either ranked or unranked events.

"We've enjoyed working with Activision to create a Baja 1000 racing game that is fun for racing game fans as well as those that are fans of the real competition," said Sal Fish, President and CEO of Score International, the world's leading desert racing organization. "The level of competition and the attention to detail is astounding."

Trying to slip one past us there weren't you Activision? You naughty little scamps. BUY MOTORSTORM.

[PlayStation 2]

[Dynasty Warriors 6]

More hack 'n' slash fun for PlayStation 2 owners looking to umm.. hack stuff up? We only have a preview available right now but you can expect a review later this month. Due out on November 18th, "Featuring the full cast of playable characters of the original release, DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 for PlayStation 2 comes action-packed with platform-exclusive content including: 10 new scenarios, five additional stages, plus new "Musou" mode stories and weapons for popular characters Zhang He, Cao Pi, Ling Tong, Ma Chao, Taishi Ci and Yue Ying."

Sounds pretty decent.

[Monster Lab]

We don't know anything about this game and it wasn't even in our database. What to say? We'll leave it to the press release:

Monster Lab is an original title set in the supernatural world of Uncanny Valley, where the evil Baron Mharti rules the region with a cruel hand. Players take on the role of an apprentice scientist who must perform a vast array of intricate experiments to create their very own monster from over 150 available monster parts. Bringing these creatures to life, gamers can explore the land as they search for ingredients to make monster parts, hunt down other gruesome monsters to defeat in combat, and uncover fun quests and challenges as they attempt to vanquish the evil baron and liberate the villagers of Uncanny Valley.

Players explore six chilling locales in their pursuit of mastering the Mad Science disciplines: mechanical, alchemic and biological, and choosing either solo play or competing against friends in multiplayer combat online and off. Along the way, they will experience mini-game challenges and experiments that will keep the game interesting and fun.

"An eccentric art style with wacky characters combined with the ease of a pick up and play game makes Monster Lab appealing to action RPG gamers of all ages," said Robert A. Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eidos, Inc. "With a compelling and engaging storyline, Monster Lab will keep you locked away in your lab for hours trying to build the perfect creation."

Publishers: want to make sure we've got your games in our weekly Shipping Out blurbs? Just kick over those shipping press releases to and we'll make sure they get tossed into the rotation.