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NCAA Final Four 2004

5 Latest Screens of NCAA Final Four 2004

989 Sports has just sent us over the latest screenshots and details for the next installment in the Final Four series. Read on for more!
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: August 28, 2003
989 Sports released today a batch of 5 new screens for their upcoming NCAA Final Four 2004, the next installment in 989's college basketball franchise. Final Four 2004 looks to take the series in a new direction this year, with an immense online mode, deeper gameplay, smarter artificial intelligence, in addition to the game's jaw-dropping graphics. While you might not be able to experience most of NCAA Final Four 2004's features until its release in November 2003, we CAN give you a taste of the game's stunning visuals via the screenshots listed below. Enjoy!

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Gallery Screenshot 4

Gallery Screenshot 5