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Check out some of the first gameplay footage and a teaser trailer of the all-new NBA Life feature that just may revolutionize basketball games.

Six in-your-face shots from the court. Yeah, Shaq, you dunk that ball!

Oh, so just because you're living the "life," you thnik you're too good for mini-games? Think again! Featured here are just a few of NBA '06's 16 in all.

From pre-draft workouts to a look at big trades in the making, the "NBA Life" has it all. Have a look, won't you?

Take another look at Sony's basketball offering and the new "The Life" mode in a fancy new trailer.

A console game succeeding its handheld counterpart by a month? Well that's a new one.

Aaaahhhhhahahahaha, that was funny like the first 20 times I heard it.

New shooting mechanics, animation technology, and extensive move sets, all conveniently packed into a single trailer!

Phone your bookies now; it's simulation time!

NBA '06 (previews)

989's take on basketball goes where no sports game has gone before, and just may be the triumphant return of Sony's first-party sports department. Yes, really.