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Wait for it... Waaaait... "Believe it!" There ya go.

Hey, our first Uzumaki Chronicles trailer! Check it out, man, there's, like... stuff going on in it.

A late Friday update gives us a half-dozen new screens of Naruto's next PS2 adventure and a little something to nibble on over the weekend.

Gameplay vids! Everybody wants 'em, we've got 'em. Take a peek at how Cavia's surprisingly good Naruto treatment is coming along.

Naruto's story-driven action/adventure is nearing completion, so we managed to scrounge up a couple new shots of the game to get you hyped. Are you hyped? ARE YOU?!

Two new videos show a little mini-game action and the combat while traveling around the main map. See both examples in blur-tastic fashion right here.

We take a first peek at Cavia's adventure take on the Naruto story. Hands-on impressions inside.