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Midnight Club II

Midnight Club II Site Hits Phase 1

Settle your hankerin' for some illegal street racing inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: November 22, 2002

Since the PS2 launch, there really hasn't been much mention of a follow-up to Midnight Club. Sure, everyone knew the sequel to the street racer was coming, but for a while the specifics were very much up in the air. It appears they've hung their long enough, because Rockstar is ready and willing to smother you in info on the game.

The first stage of the Midnight Club II web site unveils LA, the first of the three sprawling metropolises that you'll end up having to get to know intimately. Luckily, the web site seems like it'll be an ample source of info on the SoCal locale, dishing out hearty helpings of screenshots, location-specific strategic info on jumps and the local racers you'll be challenging.

Of course, if all they showed you was stills of the game, you'd probably never really understand the sense of speed that the newly renamed Angel Studios (they're Rockstar San Diego now) is trying to convey. Lucky you, however, you're able to bite of a nice, meaty chunk of gameplay in the form of a teaser trailer that should get your motor running.

Presumably, Rockstar is taking the same approach to marketing MCII as they did with GTA3 (and, to a smaller extent GTA: Vice City), unveiling chunks of the world piece by piece. It certainly helped flesh out Liberty City, and if the first stage of the web site is any indication, there should be plenty of Midnight Club II to digest before the game hits early next year.