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Major League Baseball 2K6

Classic, Man, Classic

The popular World Baseball Classic will be sneaking its way into 2K Sports' MLB 2K6.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: February 2, 2006
As the sole holder of the MLB license, 2K Sports is visibly doing everything in its power to deliver a baseball game that is rife with authenticity. It started with the Inside Edge, and now Major League Baseball 2K6 will also sport the 16-nation tournament of the world's best, better known as the World Baseball Classic.

Who better to comment on the new feature than a handful of corporate execs and baseball stars? Take it away, boys!

"The excitement is building for the inaugural World Baseball Classic," squealed Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts, a 2K Sports studio. "International baseball brings a fresh new take on the sport as players from across the world compete for their home country. This new baseball experience will be brought to life for gamers to enjoy only in Major League Baseball 2K6."

"It's an honor to represent Team USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic," declared Derek Jeter, All Star shortstop for the New York Yankees, Team USA member of the World Baseball Classic and cover athlete for Major League Baseball 2K6. "I'm excited to promote international baseball and it's terrific that gamers who pick up Major League Baseball 2K6 will be able to experience the same excitement of the World Baseball Classic."

"Highlighting the World Baseball Classic in the upcoming edition of Major League Baseball 2K6 makes perfect business sense for all the parties involved," calculated Tim Brosnan, Executive Vice President, Business, Major League Baseball. "The World Baseball Classic is going to be a winner and will highlight the appeal and passion for baseball throughout the world. Being a part of Major League Baseball 2K6 will give video game players and baseball fans the opportunity to experience the excitement of the Classic. It's a natural extension."

The actual World Baseball Classic, featuring baseball's best from the Americas, Asia and Europe, kicks off on March 3. Something tells us MLB2K6's release will follow soon after, but we'll let you know for sure.