Major League Baseball 2K6

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The Take-Two publishing label, with the league's exclusive rights, is bringing MLB 2K6 to the plate.

Liberty City Stories on the PlayStation 2 and a new GTA for PSP. Yeah, that's what we're talking about.

And it means players are finally going to act like, well, players.

Some of this goes with our Inside Edge story. As for the rest, well, consider yourselves lucky.

More multi-format trailer fun, in addition to one (count it) new screen.

Sixteen new shots and another trailer gives you the Inside Edge...again.

The popular World Baseball Classic will be sneaking its way into 2K Sports' MLB 2K6.

What's with us and these awesomely timely media tie-ins to related news stories? Man, we're good.

Step up to the plate and see what the Swing Stick is all about. Or rather, check out this video, and then step up to the plate... yeah.

New pitching, batting and commentary should make this the best MLB game yet.

This week it's all about Payoff Pitching, and with a trio of new screens and trailers comin' atcha, we would indeed call this a payoff.

Another batch of video tips on fielding and defense tactics to make you a shining star on the field. No matter who you are.

We bring a double-header this week with clips on defense tips and the World Baseball Classic, not to mention a grab bag of new screens.

With a Franchise Mode this extensive, we simply can't wait to "aquire" new players!

2K Sports' latest big leaguer steps up to the plate on April 11.

2K Sports has bumped the game up a whole eight days to coincide with Opening Day. Hey, we'll take it!

Baseball nuts have got it made today: Opening Day commences, and MLB 2K6 is off to retail!