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Namco has just released the latest batch of kill.switch screens, and we've got 'em all on-hand!

The game isn't due out until October 28th, but find out just how kill.switch is coming along by checking out these new screenshots.

PlayStation 2 and Xbox titles once again take over the top spots.

Namco has unveiled another batch of screenshots for its upcoming military shooter, kill.switch.

Development of kill.switch has completed, which means the game should be heading to stores later this month.

Namco Hometek has launched the website for their upcoming 3rd person shooter, kill.switch.

Soul Calibur II, kill.switch and Spawn: Armageddon were just a few of the games the stars indulged in at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

Check out Namco Hometek's upcoming military shooter, trailer-style!

Namco's anticipated military shooter has finally made its way into U.S. retail stores.

kill.switch (reviews)

Namco's duck-and-cover-heavy shooter manages some innovation and a decent story, but can the house that Dead to Rights built learn from their rookie mistakes?