Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland

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Birthday List

Here's a list of all the birthdays in town: Ronald the Supermarket Owner: Spring 11 Wallace the Cafe Owner: Summer 1 Katie the Cafe Waitress: Fall 29 Louis the Tool Shop Owner: Fall 2 Lyla the Flower Shop Owner: Spring 27 Parsley the Plant Hunter: Spring 16 Bob, owner of Brownie Farm: Summer 1 Tim, Bob's little brother : Fall 12 Gwen, the Carpenter's daughter: Summer 8 Martha the Clove Villa Maid: Winter 25 Gina, the Maid's daughter: Fall 20 Dia, Clove Villa daughter: Winter 9 Woody the Carpentry Shop Owner: Winter 2 Joe the Carpenter: Summer 10 Kurt the Carpenter: Winter 10

Getting a Dog

To get a dog to come in your yard, keep putting food in his bowl. Anything will work: grass, eggs, berries, etc. When you place food in the bowl it becomes dog food. Soon the dog will appear at your farm more often. Try to pick him up by pressing (X). Sooner or later you will succeed and the dog will be yours

How to Get the Horse

Visit Bob's farm and do part-time work taking care of his animals and give him alot of presents. After about a season or more of work, he'll give you a horse.

Power Berry Locations

Look in these places to gain Power Berries: 1. In your pasture. 2. Visit the Harvest Goddess. 3. Visit the Harvest Sprites. 4. Go fishing. 5. Trigger the "Sacred Land" event.

Train Your Dog

To train your dog do the following button presses in order to get him to do the following trick: Sit: UP, LEFT, DOWN Down: UP, DOWN, DOWN Heel: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT Drive animals: RIGHT, LEFT,RIGHT Jump: LEFT, UP, RIGHT Sit up: DOWN, UP, UP

What People Like

Give them the following presents in order to make them nice to you: Ronald the Supermarket Owner: Cake Parsley the Plant Hunter: Herb Tea Lyla the Flower Shop Owner: Pink Cat Flowers/Blueberries Wallace the Cafe Owner: Tea/Fish Bob, owner of Brownie Farm: Sweets Joe the Carpenter: Fish Katie the Cafe Waitress: Cookies/Cheese Louis the Tool Shop Owner: Eggs Tim, Bob's little brother: Eggs/Cake/Tea Gina, the Maid's daughter: Fish/Eggs Dia, Clove Villa daughter: Blueberries Kurt the Carpenter: Tomatoes Martha the Clove Villa Maid: Cheese

Goddess Lake:

The goddess lake is home of the goddess of Harvest Moon she can give u a single wish every day unless u come after the evening then she will ask u if u want to take a quiz dont its a waste of time. To make a wish u must present an offering to which she most loves vegetables. To get the full advantage of wishing in matters of love u must talk to the girl u like in the morning and then go to th lake to wish at 9:00 if earlier she gets grumpy.

How to get the dog:

To get the dog, you must put foo in the dog dish every day. Anything will do (weeds, flowers, herbs, etc) because it will turn into dog mush. You should know that it is hard to get the one with the blue scarf. So, work on the one with the red scarf. Once the dog likes you, he will let you pick him up. Now you have yourself a dog.

Secret store

Find the secret "store" in a big mansion near the farm store. At this clandestine store you can sell almost everything but you can never buy anything. The store is on a piece of paper near the refrigerator at the mansion.