.hack//MUTATION [Part 2]

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Get Moonstone

In the dungeons where you get Nuke Usagimaru and Rachel clear that dungeon and you will get Moonstone's members address.

Get Marlo

Marlo will post a message and ask you to meet him by yourself. Follow him to the bottom of the dungeon and win the battle which evolves and Marlo will you give you his member address.

Get Nuke Usagimaru

He will post THE Nuke Usagimaru SHOW on the message board early in the game. Meet up with him as he will be entertaining other players. Wait til there is no one left and follow him to B3 of the dungeon and defeat the ensuing monster. Once this has been finished you will get his member address.

Japanese Completion bonus

Finish the game to unlock the parody mode. Parody mode replaces the original text with joke dialogue. Only available in the Japanese version.

OVA Keyword

In the OVA that comes with the game, there is a hidden Keyword shown while Mai is on the computer: Lambda: Capricious, Unending, Corridor. When you reach the statue of Gott at the end of the dungeon, you will get Chinese Food. Go back to the Root Town and look for a player named Annri. You can trade the Chinese Food for a Super Wufei (a very powerful spear for either Nuke Usagimaru or Gardenia).

Bony Grunty (Lambda Server)

Bony Grunty (Lambda Server): Feed your little Grunty: 4 Cordycep, 1 Mandragora, 2 Piney Apple, 1 Snaky Cactus, and many Golden Eggs until it is an adult.

Snakey Grunty (Lambda Server)

Snakey Grunty (Lambda Server): Feed your little Grunty 2 Cordycep, 2 La Pumpkin, 2 Mandragora, 2 Twilight Onion, and 16 Golden Eggs.

Drain Arc

After obtaining the last Ryu Book (Ryu Book VIII), Data Drain a few more times to obtain Drain Arc, which allows you to Data Drain multiple enemies at one time.

Key Axe

If you completed .hack Part 1: Infection and finished the OVA Keyword dungeons you should have an Ice Bar. If not, go to Delta: Hideous, Organ Market, Scaffold, and when you reach the Statue of Gott you will receive the Ice Bar. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Panta. You trade the Ice Bar to him for a Level 38 Key Axe.

Getting items needed for trade

Getting items needed for trade: Use the following trick to get certain items needed for trade (for example, Cooked Bile). Remember a place that has the item and go there. Once you get to a place with a lot of jars or eggs/small eggs (usually a treasure box area), break everything. If you get the desired item, exit then immediately return. The jars or eggs/small eggs have been restored. Break everything again. Note: This does not mean you will get the desired item every time. Keep repeating the process until you have enough of those items to trade. You will get items that are useful, such as Healing Potions, Healing Drinks, Antidotes, Resurrects, and Restoratives. This is especially useful just before Bosses. Also, since it is free you will not want waste any money.

Getting good weapons

Visit your Grunty to get good weapons that might help. Just go to Lamda or the first place where you raised your own Grunty then talk and trade.

Rare weapons

If you Data Drain monsters, you can either get Virus Cores or weapons/armor. Most high level monsters have very rare weapons and strong armor. Most of these monsters are above level 45; be careful when fighting them. If you do not receive the item, keep Data Draining that monster. However, do not Data Drain too much where you are in danger of system crashing.

House Golem: Laevateinn (Heavy Blade)

House Golem: Laevateinn (Heavy Blade) Wander Demon: Rod of Pattern (Wave Master) Mad Witch: SWORD (Blademaster) Harpy Queen: Great Elite (Wavemaster), Jishuwen (Long Arm) Easter Rock: 8 Key Guardian (Heavy Axeman) Squidpod: Fishskin (Twin Blade) King Worm: Bureido (Blademaster) Angolmere: Crimson Raid (Twin Blade)

Easy experience

If you are level 30 or more, go to a place 40 or above. Keep using magic skills to gain levels very quickly and easily.

Easy weapon power up

Go to the Chaos Gate at the third server and choose to write a new keyword. The first two words can be anything, and for the last word enter "sea of sand". You will always get a power up spring and the weather will always be sunny. Take a weapon and power up it until it cannot be more powerful. Note: It is recommended that you to take a high level keyword, like 42 and above, and that you have the Grunty Flute to avoid encounters with very powerful monsters.

High level fields

In the Lambda server, if you type in Chosen, Hopeless, (and another keyword) you will get fields that range from level 48 to 50.

How to beat the last Boss

Upon arriving at the Net Slum, you can fight the last Boss. You have to kill the leaves that it drops. Hit it until it breaks and Data Drain it. DVD secrets: The DVD that is included with the game has a secret section. It reveals secrets in the game. Highlight the gallery of pictures, then press Right. The pointer will disappear. Press X or Enter, then scroll right and left between secrets one to ten.

Get Natsume

When WEAPON INFORMATION.... by Natsume appears. Go through the information and head towards the dungeon Delta: Raging Passionate Melody. Get the blades from the Gott Statue and give them to Natsume and she will join your group. Character from part 1.