.hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth

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You know about their next-gen offerings, now see what else the company has up its sleeves.

It's a .hack media blowout! ...If 15 new screens and three new movies is a blowout. No? Well, then it's a .hack smattering!

Bandai's latest .hack adventure is nearly here.

Those press kits don't upload themselves, you know! We present to you a smorgasbord of screens n' movies from all the big publishers and their respective showcases.

So you say you'd like to see a little more about this whole .hack reboot, eh? Okay, how about checking out almost three hundred new screenshots of the game. Queue them all up and flip through 'em fast enough and it's like playing the game!

Take another dive into The World less than a week before you'll be able to do it yourself... in a video game... in a video game in a video game. Whoa, we just blew our own minds.

CyberConnect2's faux MMO returns with a new cast, guilds, a new plot, a revised battle system and the same infectious marriage of video game and anime mediums. First screens inside!

Prep yourself for another dive into The World. If you have no idea what the hell that means, you clearly haven't been studying up on .hack over the years. Consider this new trailer for the series' new start Lesson One.

More than a dozen new screens and two new videos demonstrate exactly why you'll be heading back to The World all over again.

.hack has rebooted. Now's your chance to get in on the new adventure.