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Activision Triggers Hollywood Talent for Gun

Thomas Jane? Kris Kristofferson? Tom Skerritt? Oh yeah, they're all here.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: September 28, 2005
Videogames and Hollywood talent, they go hand-and-hand these days, you see, and if this is what it takes to give games a more mainstream appeal (sans Tinseltown big shots demanding outrages wages), we're all for it. The two have come together once again, this time in Activision's anticipated Western shooter, Gun.

"This amazing cast of renowned, talented Hollywood actors brings the rich storyline of Gun to life," says Dusty Welch, vice president of global brand management for Activision Publishing. "Players this fall will get to experience the brutality that was the American West and through this voice talent feel like they are part of the action."

The legendary actors who've come on board to provide voice work for the game include:

Thomas Jane as vengeful gunslinger Colton White
Kris Kristofferson as Colton's mountain man father Ned
Tom Skerritt as Resistance Fighter Clay Allison
Brad Dourif as evil preacher Josiah Reed
Ron Perlman as Mayor Hoodoo Brown of Empire, New Mexico
Lance Henriksen as the obsessive tyrant Thomas MacGruder

Gunslingers, nefarious preachers and tyrants? We swear it's all related, as Colton White will have to span the West taking down a line-up of no-gooders than include a renegade army of psychopaths, corrupt lawmen and Native Americans who aren't so supportive of Western expansion to boot.

Gun, already confirmed to sport an "M" rating, should come galloping into stores this November. We previewed it a while back - won't you see for yourself?