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RedOctane Head Honchos Honored

Hey, looks like that whole decision to publish Guitar Hero paid off, eh?
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: October 31, 2006
Never has there been a more perfect example of how a breakout game can completely change the fate of a publisher. When developer Harmonix Music Systems decided to make their own guitar game to challenge Konami's as-yet-non-import Guitar Freaks, RedOctane jumped into publish the game, striking a deal with Harmonix where Sony Computer Entertainment and Konami whence came. It was a fortuitous agreement for the one-time games rental house and purveyor of custom controllers, as the acclaim heaped upon both Harmonix and RedOctone for Guitar Hero (and, we'll wager, the upcoming Guitar Hero II).

All that attention finally thrust the founders of RedOctane into the limelight. The company was [game=1545]scooped up by Activision a while back[/ps2news], and now co-founders (and siblings) Kai and Charles Hwang have been recognized as two of the Top 50 Producers in New Media by the Hollywood Reporter/Producers Guild of America. The voting body, who count among their numbers Hollywood big names like Brian Grazer and Jerry Bruckheimer, was set up to recognize folks that are pushing digital content as a new delivery medium.

"To be included in such a prestigious group of celebrated industry leaders is an amazing honor and accomplishment," wept Kai Huang, president and co-founder of RedOctane. "I admire many of these individuals for their accomplishments, and to be mentioned in the same breath as them is absolutely tremendous."

"We always envisioned success for the Guitar Hero franchise, but it has certainly exceeded our expectations to transcend demographic barriers, now becoming one of the highest-rated videogames ever," added Charles Huang, vice president of business development and co-founder of RedOctane.

As a long-time partner with RedOctane, we're glad to see what were once a video games rental house and DDR pad producer finally getting recognized for being the front-runners they were. To this day, both co-founders remain approachable and modest, and everyone at RedOctane deserves credit for not only being in the right publishing place at the right time, but for paying their dues over the years while serving the hardcore DDR community.

Congrats, guys!