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Guitar Hero II is real.

If you have a band and song, that is.

I saaaaaaaaaid... are you ready to rawwwwk?

Activision has scooped up the Guitar Hero publisher for an undisclosed sum.

No, that's not a random apostrophe attack, that's what GameTap is calling their awards.

Those press kits don't upload themselves, you know! We present to you a smorgasbord of screens n' movies from all the big publishers and their respective showcases.

As long as you pronounce it like "talk," it makes for an awesomely corny rhyme scheme. See? Everyone wins!

Oh yes... it's coming...

Hey, looks like that whole decision to publish Guitar Hero paid off, eh?

Look who wants to be a in a guitar video game now.

It's a controller, y'see, for Guitar Hero II.

Four awards for three games. Not too shabby, we'd say.

Guitar Hero sponsoring a concert? Well, we suppose it only makes sense!

Almost 20 more songs from Guitar Hero II join the list.