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Rock Out with your [censored] Out... Again

Guitar Hero II is real.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: April 17, 2006
Some days, you're happy to get out of bed and not get hit by a runaway train. Some days, it's great to not have a 30-somethingth day of freakin' rain in a row. And some days, you drop to your knees and thank your respective deity that games like Guitar Hero got picked up. We know someone would give the good folks at Harmonix Music Systems the love, but it was actually a bit of a surprise to see it come from Red Octane, the Sunnyvale, CA-based purveyors of dance mats and online video games rentals long before players like GameFly came on the scene.

It was, of course, a stroke of brilliance. Red Octane knew how to make quality hardware, and Harmonix was in the business of burning crack onto a disc with FreQuency and Amplitude. The result has been something like a raging epidemic, sweeping through and snaring anyone foolish enough to indulge their fantasies of becoming a rock star. Here at the office, we like to show people around, then bust out the game, throw in liquor, and use the resulting photos as blackmail.

Not surprisingly, those that had burned through the game's Expert Mode started hankerin' for a fix, and happily latched onto the rumor of Harmonix whipping up specialized add-on packs for the game similar to what they did with the Karaoke Revolution games. What we're actually getting, though, is a full-fledged sequel where you'll be able to choose from rhythm, lead or bass guitar parts across a whopping 55 new songs. Yeah, we needed new pants too.

"Guitar Hero has proved phenomenally successful! Guitar Hero veterans will be able to plug in their Guitar Hero SG Controllers and rock GH II straight out of the box," said Kelly Sumner, CEO of RedOctane. "We will really push the envelope with Guitar Hero II. Despite the fact there are many months until release, we're already implementing exciting features and innovations. This fall we're going to rock everyone's world all over again."

Harmonix is still sussing out the details on what tracks they can license, but classic, modern and alternative rock has been confirmed, as well as hair and heavy metal tracks. We already have a 100 song strong wish list of stuff, and we're fairly sure just about everyone who likes rock does too. If we happen to catch a glimpse of some of the stuff at E3 when we meet up with the Harmonix guys, we'll be sure to pass it along. Until then, go work on the solo to "Bark at the Moon" on Expert.