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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CJ Comes Home in New San Andreas Trailer

The most complete video footage yet of the latest GTA. Warning: explicit lyrics within.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: October 23, 2004
Rockstar Games, slowly but steadily leaking out the latest info concerning Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as its release creeps up ever so quickly, has continued to impress with the release of a new trailer. The footage begins with CJ having his luggage checked at the airport as he returns to Los Santos, San Andreas. It then cuts to the scene that sparked it all, as CJ's brother Sweet breaks the bad news to him of their mother's death. As for what follows, 2 Pac's "I Just Don't Give a F***," blasts in the background as multiple cut and gameplay scenes provide just the slightest taste of what's in store.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas finally hits stores on Tuesday, October 26, or in select stores, Monday the 25th. We've done our best to keep you updated on the game hitherto, but in two days, you'll finally be able to experience it for yourselves! Peep the trailer below for a final look, but caution the explicit lyrics.

[ 320 x 240 | 480 x 360 ]