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Grand Theft Auto III

Salvatore Leone is Alive and Well in San Andreas

Frank Vincent returns to voice Mafia Don Salvatore Leone in Rockstar's West Coast iteration of the GTA franchise.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: June 16, 2004
More updates on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have been slowly but steadily leaking out over the past month. It seems an old favorite will be making a surprise appearance in the game, as according to an update on, we can "look forward to Frank [Vincent] lending his voice once again as Don Salvatore Leone in the sequel to Rock Star's Grand Theft Auto III."

So what can we derive from this shocking update? For one, in terms of chronology, the events of San Andreas are definitely at least a few years ahead of those of GTA3, seeing as *spoiler* Salvatore was snuffed after attempting to rub out your nameless protagonist. Could GTA: San Andreas' main man, Carl Johnson, be rubbing elbows with the Mafia and the Don himself? Oh, the possibilities!

As we endeavor to put the pieces together, we'll be sure to keep you updated on new leaks, or perhaps official announcements from Rockstar, on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.