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Domestic Disturbance in San Andreas

Five finger discounts. Taking without asking. However you gussy it up, we're talking about robbery in San Andreas.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: August 19, 2004
Grand Theft Auto regulars have grown to take in-game money for granted. Sure, maybe when you, as Tommy Vercetti or "Fido," were just a small-time errand boy, cash was tough to come by, but once the dough started rolling, it practically never stopped. If you think going from rags to riches in San Andreas is going to be equally effortless, think again. CJ is no hired thug - his return to Los Santos was strictly done on personal issues, so a number of the missions he'll take on will be in the name of his family or loyalty, not for pay. That said, it's going to take a little extra work to get CJ the money he needs. In previous iterations, this problem may have been solved by taking on any of the numerous R3 missions, like driving city goers to their destinations in a cab, chasing down criminals in a cop car, saving lives in an ambulance. In San Andreas, getting the Benjamins in-hand requires a little more assertiveness; therefore, we'd like to introduce the latest addition to the side mission family: robbery. You heard right, ladies and gentlemen - burglary is now fair game.

Bringing Down the House
As outlandish as it may sound, commencing a robbery will be as easy as getting into the driver's seat of a truck and pressing R3. However, many precautions must be taken in order to get the job done and get it done right.

First things first - no seasoned robber is going to loot a house in his/her casual attire. With that in mind, you're going to have to get CJ the proper attire to conceal his identity when engaging in the act of burglary. Many clothing stores in the area sell ski masks and balaclavas that are perfect for your needs. Simply by sliding on one of these woolen hoods, CJ will enter into what Rockstar is calling "sneak mode," ensuring that all of his movements and actions are done with the utmost caution

Next is a weapon. Most residents are actually careless (or comfortable) enough to leave their doors unlocked, but nonetheless, if homeowners take notice to CJ in their home, their first instinct is going to be alerting the cops. A bat, knife, or, if you're feeling lucky, shotgun will come in handy here.

With clothes and tools intact, CJ can begin a robbery once the stars are out. Since it would be risky and just plain stupid to burglarize a house in broad daylight, home theft will be a nighttime-only mission. Once fully equipped and in a house, CJ will be free to sneak around from room to room and take to his heart's desire, though easy-to-carry appliances like TVs, stereos and VCRs make for maximum smoothness.

But what would burglary be without any risks? While best case scenario would involve a luxurious estate timely devoid of any residents, more times then not, there are going to be people home, sometimes fast asleep or, unlucky for you, wide awake and in front of the TV. If CJ runs into to someone while looting the place, they'll need to be properly dealt with. Their reactions will vary - some will be scared out of their wits, others will call for help, phone the cops, or even swallow their pride and try to attack CJ. With that melee weapon or firearm in-hand, CJ will have to deal with them and deal with them quick.

With the residents taken care of, CJ can finish up the job he started and load up all of the stolen valuables into his vehicle. You got what you came for, and now it's time to get cash for the goods. This can be done by taking a ride to the fence and pawning off the goodies, and as Rockstar suggests, bargaining is key here. You worked hard for that stuff, so you'd better make sure you milk as much money out of it as you can.

Thus is the art of burglary. Keep your head straight, hit up the fancier homes, bargain for top dollar, and you might just come out of it with a much-deserved wad of cash in your pocket.

Sporting the Threads
So you've got money in your wallet... now what? Well, as is superficially so in the real world, appearance can mean everything, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest some of that dough into getting CJ a fresh new haircut and outfit.

As mentioned earlier, CJ can head over to the parlor of local barber Reece in Los Santos. Once in the chair, CJ can choose from an array of different hairstyles and facial hair looks, or if he's got the green for it, request his own. These hairdos include the afro, jheri curls, cornrows, or even the ol' cue ball bald look. How CJ looks will have a big impact on how others interact with him. Women may come onto a CJ who's looking sharp, while rival gangs may even be more wary of approaching him.

Just as customizable will be CJ's attire, and especially in the case of gangs, clothes will reflect possibly more than you bargained for. Dressing in certain gang colors will be a big thumbs up to to gang CJ is rolling with, while enemy members and even the police will be able to identify him more easily. With consequence or not, picking up threads is a must. Lucky for CJ, there will be many a clothing stores scattered in San Andreas, each carrying a specific line of threads that will tell a lot about CJ to the people who see him in them. The following retailers will be present in Los Santos:

Possibly comparable to a K-Mart, Binco is a discounted clothing store found in the heart of the Orange Grove Families territory. Sold here are budget items, like plaid shirts, khakis, and sneakers, aimed at the less fortunate residents of the Grove who don't have the wealth they used to. Nonetheless, when CJ has the money and picks up an outfit or two from Binco, locals will respect him for sporting the familiar look.

A step up from Binco, SubUrban can be found by the Towers in Ganton (though where that is, we're not even sure) and provides full lines of clothing from brands like Mercury and Base 5. The threads found here are higher priced to suit the needs of the middle-class citizens in the area and local, more successful gangs. CJ will need to save up his nickels and pennies to pick up attire from here, so he'll likely require the rewards from a few missions under his belt first. The pricey cost will pay off, though, as members of the Ballas gang in particular will regard him better seeing him in recognizable neighborhood colors.

For the more sporty look, there's ProLaps, which offers athletic footwear and apparel to those near its location west of Downtown Los Santos. In our previous feature, we mentioned the benefits of bulking up, and the clothing available here will show off CJ's impressive beefed-up look, if he has it. Shorts, sneakers and hats are a few of the items available here, in addition to more sport-oriented assets like motorcycle helmets, boxing headgear, even a hockey mask (perhaps for committing a murder anonymously?). Though the ProLaps gear isn't associated with any particular gang, it'll still cost CJ a pretty penny, yet shedding the cash will definitely ensure that CJ looks good on the street.

Say you're sporting the Ballas look, yet want to change back into the clothing you wore for your Orange Grove Family familiars. Instead of having to repurchase the older outfit, CJ will be able swap threads simply by heading back to his safe house and grabbing the outfit out of his closet. Every shred of clothing you've purchased will be stored safely in that closet, so if CJ is required to dress a certain way for a mission (and in some instances, this will be the case), that outfit you bought for him long ago will be available back at his wardrobe. Another benefit here is that CJ can mix and match with the clothes and accessories, allowing you the gamer to craft him however you wish. We can't stress enough the depth of customization in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

That's all for now, folks. As we've promised (and we mean it), we'll keep you updated on any new scrap of info that heads our way. We've brought you the new details - now check out the new media!

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