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Karaoke Revolution Song List Revealed

Harmonix and Konami's sing-along sleeper finally bares its musical wares.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: August 26, 2003

It's no secret that the folks at Cambridge, MA-based Harmonix Music System are talented folks. Their first two PS2 games, FreQuency and Amplitude rocked us so hard our teeth are still chattering. Seeing as they're pretty comfortable in the world of music, it should come as no surprise that their newest creation, Karaoke Revolution, has to do with tunes. What is surprising, however, is how impressive the song list has become.

Konami's Bemani series has been able to successfully turn normally complex musical instruments (guitar, drums, turntables, etc.) into not only entertaining and easy-to-grasp concepts, but horrendously addicting games in their own right (just look at the culture that sprang up around Dance Dance Revolution). It seems that while the Bemani series' development has been relegated to Asia - and primarily Japan - Konami's decision to move development of a decidedly Japanese-originated activity (that'd be Karaoke) to the U.S. was a sound one. If anyone's capable of pulling off yet another endlessly addictive addition to the Bemani series, it's Harmonix.

That said, a karaoke game can only be as good as the song list you're bound to belt out in front of friends while tossing back ridiculous amounts of alcohol to overcome inhibitions (or, if you're underage or just responsible, caffeine), and Karaoke Revolution is loaded with both current pop hits and classic American karaoke sing-alongs. All of the songs are pulled from the original recording artists, though the tunes themselves may not be direct-from-CD rips. Without further ado (or actual artist names), here is the list of songs you'll be screaming along with:


I'm Coming Out

All You Wanted

It's End of the World As We Know It

Are You Happy Now?

Kiss Me


Ladies' Night

Billie Jean

Like a Virgin

Bizarre Love Triangle

One Week

Broken Wings

Red Red Wine


Save Tonite

Chain of Fools

Science Genius Girl


She Talks To Angels

Crawling in the Dark

Smooth Criminal

Don't Know Why

Son of a Preacher Man

Every Morning

The Power of Love

Everything You Want

Waiting For Tonight

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

When a Man Loves a Woman

Hey Jealousy

Wind Beneath my Wings

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

You Really Got Me

How You Remind Me

You're the One That I Want

There you have it, a list that encompasses everything from Huey Lewis to Percy Sledge to UB40 to Michael Jackson to Mr. Mister to R.E.M. to Gin Blossoms to... well, you get the idea. There's even more current stuff from acts like Sugar Ray, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Cher, and plenty more.

What's cool about Karoke Revolution is that it grades not only your ability to sing along with the words, but how well your pipes can stay in tune with the original song. It'll make for some amusing get-togethers, no doubt, and like all Bemani games a certain willingness to leave your ego at the door, but if Harmonix' track record is any indication, doing so shouldn't take too much effort.

Well have a full run-down of Karaoke Revolution shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for some preview goodies.