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E3 2003: Logitech to Debut New PlayStation 2 Controllers

Logitech looks to treat PS2 gamers to two brand new peripherals at this year's E3.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: May 12, 2003

Logitech has for years been treating video gamers to the most technologically-advanced, solid peripherals, and this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo won't be an exception to that. Today, Logitech announced that they will be debuting two sharp new PlayStation 2 controllers at E3 2003: the Logitech Extreme Action Controller and the Logitech Action Controller (US suggested retail price of $24.99 and $19.99, respectively). Both products will be available this summer on retail shelves in the US and at

"PlayStation gamers are used to having an expansive choice when it comes to the excellent games available for the system. We wanted to make sure they also have a broad range of excellent choices when it comes to purchasing a controller," said Fred Swan, Director of Marketing for Logitech's Audio and Interactive Entertainment Business Unit. "Our goal is to provide a range of innovative, high-quality controllers that satisfy the varying tastes and priorities of gamers. We therefore provide everything from a reliable 2.4GHz radio frequency in our cordless product to added features such as leather grips in our new corded controller, all at attractive price


So what exactly is so special about these new Logitech controllers? Well, take a look at the impressive features of each:

Logitech Extreme Action Controller

[list][li]Genuine leather grips[/li]

[li]Lustrous metallic finish[/li]

[li]Gold-plated connector pins[/li]

[li]Precise rubber-capped analog sticks[/li]

[li]Crisply accurate D-pad[/li]

[li]Responsive triggers[/li]

[li]Turbo mode[/li]

[li]Dual vibration feedback[/li]

[li]Standard buttons in familiar and comfortable arrangement[/li]

[li]9.5-foot cord[/li][/list]Logitech Action Controller

[list][li]Specially-designed rubber grips[/li]

[li]Tough plastic finish[/li]

[li]7-foot cord with standard connector[/li]

[li]Dual vibration feedback[/li]

[li]Turbo mode[/li]

[li]Crisply accurate D-pad[/li]

[li]Responsive triggers[/li][/list]Both the Logitech Extreme Action Controller and the Logitech Action Controller will be PSone, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 compatible. Get 'em while they're hot this summer!