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Tribes To Spotlight PS2's Online Play

Imagine the goodness of a 16-player multiplayer game linking players from SCEA's E3 booth, Sierra's E3 booth, and team members two states away. Now imagine us not playing the crap out of it when we get the chance.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 16, 2002
Tribes: Arial Assult was one of the highlight games when Sony showcased the PS2's network capabilities last year, tucked in with such high-profile up-and-comers as Twisted Metal: Black and Tony Hawk 3. A year later, Sony has again chosen the multiplayer FPS as a highlight for the network adaptor.

This year's SCEA booth will no doubt look remarkably like last year's -- at least as online goes. While there are bound to be plenty of titles unveiled during the show, and doubtlessly one or two of them will offer some type of online play, the bulk of online focused or tweaked titles will be returning from last year; Frequency, SOCOM, Twisted Metal: Black Online, and Sierra's Tribes: Arial Assault.

The latter has had plenty of time to be polished, and will offer as good an example of the PS2's online play as you're going to get at E3, with the game running networked between the Sony booth, Sierra's own booth clear on the other side of the convention center (a la Tony Hawk 3 last year), and with a QA team up in Seattle that'll be joining the action while gamers in LA get their deathmatch on. Best of all, the setup will be accomplished with relatively standard hardware, using the same network adaptor you'll no doubt be using and a handful of debug PS2's to play the unfinished versions of the game.

We'll have plenty on Tribes: Arial Assault, including hands-on impressions and new media of a nearly finished version in just seven more days.