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FIFA Dribbled Into Stores

See what we did there?! We used a lame soccer analogy for the headline!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: October 3, 2006
You know a news story is going to suck when a horrid pun is used in the headline and then, in a fit of complete retardation, we feel like we have to explain the horrid pun in an effort to be funny and clever and self-deprecating. How do the Brits do it? Oh, and then there's the fact that the first paragraph of said story is spent explaining that it's all just a none-too-clever way of adding some extra length to the news story.

But hey, that doesn't mean we can't at least give you the poop now: FIFA 07 has officially shipped to stores. We don't have an official quote from EA talking about how it Jesus will descend from the heavens and shoot you a Fonzie-style double-thumbs-up "Eyyyyy!" when you buy the game to tell you how special you are, but we're guessing someone at EA is probably thinking about it.

Maybe it's just that there aren't any groundbreaking additions. Sure, you've got your Interactive Leagues, something we talked about in the past that include Mexican 1st Division, F.A. Premier League, French Ligue 1 Orange or Bundesliga in schedules that actually match the real-life versions, and the game does offer a new crowd that gets more into things, offering more ambience, but there's nothing thrilling here.

Of course, that's not going to stop us (or us) from picking up a copy, now, is it? The PSP version ships in another two weeks, so expect another one of these half-assed attempts to fill space then.