Recent features

[GOTY 2010] PlayStation 2

One category: Game of the Year. One true contender. Nobody else stood a chance.

[Q&A] Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

We plug Activision with a handful of (repetitive) questions about how the move from the Wii to the PS2 is going.

[Dev Diary] Thrillville

Find out exactly what goes into making a theme park-based "party game with social interaction." Get the scoop from the PR side of things first, then delve into info straight from the development team (which is why the parts start over).

[Q&A] Rogue Galaxy

Curious to know how the next massive RPG from Level-5 is shaping up? U.S. Producer Nao Higo has the answers.

LEGO Star Wars II, Developer Diary

The Original Trilogy is getting LEGO-ized -- find out what's going into this Force-driven sequel from the team that made it. Be sure to check back for a new diary each month!

[Interview] Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

Take a peek into the mind of the wrestler-turned-action star in this teeny tiny multi-part interview series.

[Post-Mortem] Rogue Trooper

We sit down with the Lead Designer, Audio/Music Lead and Head of Production to get the skinny on what went into making one of this year's best third-person shooters.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Developer Diary

How does an up-and-coming British developer go about making an adventure title out of a well-known Japanese puzzle franchise? Traveller's Tales tells all!

[Pre-E3 2006] SCEA Blowout

A look at the company's up and coming PS2 and PSP games that just may have you screaming "I <3 SONY!" all over again.

[Q&A] The Godfather The Game

Get the poop on everything from environments like Brooklyn and Jersey to MobFace, the game's create-a-character mode, to car chases.

[Q&A] MVP 06 NCAA Baseball

Want the dirt on just how EA Canada's first year at bat in the college leagues is going? Producer Ben Brinkman has the answers!

Post-Mortem: Gun

We have a little chat with the boys at Neversoft about the release of their first non-Tony Hawk game in seven years.

TotalPlayStation Holiday Buyer's Guide 2005

We spent all year cutting through the poo to get to the good stuff, and now we're passing along our knowledge to make sure you make someone's nice list this year.

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Developer Tips - Part 3

Round three of tips from the guys at Radical Entertainment.

Conflict: Global Terror - Dev. Diary

Pivotal senior programmer Shaun Hewitt waxes poetic about the upcoming game's multiplayer aspects.

[Q&A] The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

We peek behind the scenes of Capcom's upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas action effort with game (and movie) Art Director Deane Taylor.

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Developer Tips - Part 2

Dave Forsey, Eric Holmes, Greg MacMartin of Radical Entertainment are back with five more must-know tips!

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Developer Tips - Part 1

Radical Entertainment's (that'd be the developer, in case you were confused) Dave Forsey, Eric Holmes and Greg MacMartin fill in you in a few tips straight from the guys who made the game.

True Crime: NYC Interview

An informative Q&A with Luxoflux's police advisor, Bill Clark.

E3 2005: Yoshinori Sasaki Interview

Wanna know what one of Konami's head producers is toiling away at these days? You'll have to check out our exclusive interview.

The E3 2005 MegaList of Justice™®©

Updated as we get the info from exhibitors, here's your one-stop shop for all our E3 coverage.

Cutting the Cord

Like doing things wirlessly? Yeah, us too, that's why we gave Logitech's Play Link and Cordless Action Controller a full-blown whirl at our offices. Afterthoughts within!

Gaming Without Wires

We've taken our PS2s into the wireless age, and it's easier than you think. Get the scoop on all the equipment, get to know the standards, and walk away with the kind of knowledge that will make your local CompUSA salesman shudder at your passing.

Exclusive Lazlow Interview

The man behind the microphone of the nationally aired radio segment the Technofile and GTA3's Chatterbox has granted us a world-wide exclusive interview. Click your way inside to give it a read.