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High Moon Studios Scares Up Some Halloween Fun

Scary awesome or just plan scary? You be the judge.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: October 12, 2006
Looking for a Halloween costume that just sceams "I'm a game geek with disposable income"? Congrats, High Moon Studios, the folks behind Darkwatch and California Costume Collections, the folks behind fine quality products like this have teamed up to offer a costume modeled off Jericho Cross, the half-vampy hero of Darkwatch.

"Darkwatch is an original property with a rich universe that, as we have seen, instantly resonates with pop culture savants," oozed Chris Ulm, chief design officer for High Moon Studios. "We love the fact that we can now let fans of the game reconnect with that universe by becoming Jericho Cross, as well as introduce a new audience to the unique look and feel that set it apart as a video game property. In a sense, everybody should feel good about the prospect of having thousands of Darkwatch agents roaming the streets on Halloween night."

"We were drawn to Darkwatch by its graphic imagery," added Scott Emmerman, vice president of sales and licensing at California Costume Collections, Inc. "All of the unique elements of the property that made it a successful game, from its horror Western setting and exceptional art style to vampire-hunting gunslingers, make it perfect as a costume line. As a Western-themed costume, it also has universal appeal. We very quickly pinpointed Darkwatch as a property that we wanted, and we expect it to be one of our hottest costumes for this Halloween."

Now, see, if CCC and HMS had also gone after a Tala costume, we'd be a little more excited (we look really good in black leather numbers with a plunging front). Still, it's nice to see a video game character getting the kind of attention to detail that Jericho got. The costume, which will be sold at Spencer Gifts, Party City, Party America,, Halloween Adventure, Halloween Express, Halloween Scene, and comes with an eye patch, a duster, cowl, vest, boot tops, belt and badge. Armor knee pads, armored gloves and the trusty Redeemer revolver are available as separate purchases.

So if you see someone running around in a Jericho getup blasting people with twin pistols, relax, it's probably just someone exacting revenge on all the vampires out during Halloween. Nothing to worry about. Really.