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A New Moon Rises Over the Web

The creators of Darkwatch have a shiny new site.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: October 20, 2005
We love us some High Moon Studios. While our review of their first product, Darkwatch, may speak to the contrary, there's still an awful lot of talent in place, and we're psyched to see what they're going to do with their next project.

It just so happens that their next big thing isn't a game, though, but rather a face lift for the corporate site, allowing anyone who wants a peek under the hood of the former home of Sammy Studios' US operations. Info for industry mainstays and interested gamers alike abounds on the new site, but then that was the idea from the start.

"Our new internet site is designed to serve the sudden surge of interest in our studio," quipped Emmanuel Valdez, chief creative officer at High Moon Studios. "The site is both a fun and informative destination. It is more than just a looking glass into the studio for our community of supporters, putting fans in touch with our developers, even allowing them to express themselves artistically. The site is also our formal conduit of information to the industry about our projects as well as our company culture and vision."

For fans, a new "Insiders" section offers a behind-the-scenes peek at what the team is working on (don't tell anyone, but we hear it has to do with a few next-gen efforts), and more importantly, a way for those interested to interact with the team as they grow into their sunny Carlsbad digs - sorry, make that "architectural award-winning" digs. No, wait, add in San Diego Society of Human Resource Management's Workplace Excellence Award triple-nominated digs. Yeah, that rolls off the tongue much better.

The idea, though, is that anyone can get a peek into what makes the employees and their company tick, and the site is indeed packed with info (the company promises even more in the coming months), so head on over and check 'em out. Don't forget to tell them TotalPlayStation sent you. Unless you're too embarrassed, we understand.