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Crash Twinsantiy

Crash Bandicoot Spins Back onto Consoles

Crash and Dr. Cortex working together? Say it ain't so!
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: March 28, 2004
Vivendi Universal Games has announced the return of everyone's favorite marsupial in his wackiest adventure yet, Crash Twinsanity. This could in fact be the most unique installment in the series, for, believe it or not, Crash will actually be teaming up with long-time foe Dr. Neo Cortex!

"Crash Twinsanity reinvigorates the 3D action platform genre by combining the well-known humor and wacky situations that Crash is known for with cutting edge, inventive gameplay elements that will make this game the most robust and funniest Crash experience ever," gushed Luc Vanhal, President and COO, North America for VU Games.

It all starts when a devious new duo of baddies, the Evil Twins, invade Crash Bandicoot's paradise island and make clear their plans of destruction. In order to save the world (and this is the kicker, folks), Crash and his archenemy Dr. Cortex reluctantly agree to save the world together. Their partnership is clearly reflected in the new dual gameplay mechanics, as Crash can actually use Cortex as a weapon (a la Whiplash, we imagine) when the two are controlled as one. Crash Twinsanity will also feature highly attentive AI, massive, interactive environments to explore, streaming worlds devoid of load times, as well as four playable characters: Crash, Cortex, Nina Cortex (the niece of the evil doctor) and the brand new pairing of Crash and Cortex.

Crash Twinsanity is expected to hop onto shelves in Q3 2004. We'll hopefully have some hands-on time with the game at E3 2004 this May.