Commandos Strike Force

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A new Tomb Raider, new Hitman and new Commandos game join last year's 25 To Life.

Pyro's new take on their old World War II franchise now has a web presence.

Five new screens in decidedly un-PS2 levels of detail. Hey, at least the game's purdy, right?

5 new snipe-o-riffic shots help celebrate the official site getting a big, fat update.

We play catch up with four trailers, including the new one, "Killing Techniques." Check 'em out.

Hey, don't blame us for being incredibly inventive enough to make a headline out of a game title.

Un nuevo video con comentario por los miembros de Pyro Studios (and if you didn't catch a lick of that, it's a good thing this video diary's been translated).

Commandos is and will always be about cooperation. See how a single squad of elite soliders work together to accomplish their mission objective.

See how you'll get your stealth action in these wiiiide open battlefields.

You're surrrrre you can handle more CSF action? Alright then: here's a trailer on stealth combat as well as part two of the Pyro Studios video diary. Just don't say we didn't warn ya.

In part three of their video diary, Pyro Studios gives us the scoop on CSF's transition to first-person, multi-console development and more. Now start watchin'!

See, if you say it out loud, it rhymes with Commandos Strike Force. Whoa.

Why publish a game in a foreign country when you can have someone else do it for you?