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Blood Omen 2

Hearty Blood Omen 2 Update

New screens, characters, music and details inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: February 17, 2002
Eidos has been working overtime to toss out screenshots and info on their current stable of upcoming games, the first being the vampiric opus, Blood Omen 2. The official web site was recently updated with plenty of new goodies in preparation for the game's release next month. The new Characters section is filled with little snippets of info on the game's many different denizens, be they vampire, human or just creepy creatures. The Music section (located under Downloads) is a stream of the prog trance promo CD that was handed out at the uber-enjoyable Kain premiere party last year.

On the media side of things, we've got eight new screens of Kain and assorted characters he'll be bumping into in the industri-goth world of Nosgoth:

And that's how you throw a punch
Interesting duds
Ornate architecture
Those mummy-lookin' things would be eyeless wretches
Chains and shadows
Town square?
This isn't the PS2 version, but it's still pretty, no?
Informative cutscene