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Blood Omen 2

Eidos Announces E3 Lineup!

Eidos Interactive announced today their lineup for this years E3!
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 11, 2001
Eidos Interactive today announced their game lineup for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Eidos will present 7 titles for Sony's PlayStation 2.

"I firmly believe that Eidos' current lineup is one of the strongest ever, highlighted by new titles based on existing, popular franchises in addition to all new and original titles developed specifically to take advantage of the next-generation hardware," said Rob Dyer, President of Eidos Interactive, US. "There is no question that our upcoming titles reflect our capacity to produce the highest-quality, most recognizable and compelling franchises on the market today, as proven by the undeniable popularity of gaming personalities such as Lara Croft and Raziel."

During this years E3 they will debut Blood Omen 2. Which will be released this winter.Four hundred years has passed since the vampire Kain damned the world in the original Blood Omen. Now Kain, who once controlled the land of Nosgoth with his vampire legions, finds his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a mysterious figure. To reclaim his rule and have his vengeance, Kain must overcome legions of warriors and demons to crush the traitors to his kind. Blood Omen 2 features intensive combat and blocking systems and spine-chilling environments and demonic enemies.

Another title that will debut is a new character-focused game called Herdy Gerdy. This title is currently being developed by Core Design; the studio who created Lara Croft. The title is due this winter. Gerdy is an apprentice herder who embarks on a quest to save his father by restoring order to his island and its inhabitants. This marathon adventure features one of the most unique experiences available on the PlayStation 2. The gameplay of Herdy Gerdy encompasses exploration, platform, strategy and puzzle elements. These dynamics are integrated within a vibrant world that features a delicately balanced eco-system, which the player will manipulate in order to save Gerdy's father.

Other titles that will be displayed for Sony's PlayStation 2 are:

- Commandos 2: Men of Courage: Pyro Studios is the developer of this tactical strategy/action game set against the backdrop of World War II for the PC, the Sega Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2. From the heart of the Third Reich to the most remote islands in the South Pacific, Sergeant "Tiny" McHale and his elite group of commandos must utilize their combined expertise as they venture deep into enemy territory and attempt to change the course of the war. Ship date: Fall 2001.

- Project Eden: Due to severe overpopulation, the planet Earth's diameter is increasing with the growth of towering megacities, each inhabited by millions of humans. Descending thousands of feet, conditions steadily decline to slum level. In this action/adventure game for the PC and PlayStation 2, gamers will lead a rescue team into the depths to investigate the disappearance of a technical crew sent to repair malfunctioning machinery at the 'Real Meat' factory. Ship date: PC - Fall 2001, PlayStation 2 - Fall 2001

- Soul Reaver 2: Soul Reaver 2 is an action/adventure game for the PlayStation 2 created by Crystal Dynamics. Gamers join Raziel as he emerges from the chronoplast time portal, and returns to different eras of Nosgoth's past. In his journey, he unearths the mysteries of Nosgoth's ancient races, and exposes the secrets behind the corruption of the pillars and the vampire genocide. Ship date: Fall 2001

- ThunderStrike: Operation Phoenix: Core Design's arcade/action game is for the PlayStation 2 puts gamers in the pilot's seat of a highly advanced and artillery-laden gun-ship. A deadly wave of extremist terrorism has struck at all the principal nations, paralyzing the world with fear. The globe's major powers immediately issue a state of emergency, merging their weapons resources and technologies into a clandestine project entitled Operation Phoenix. In controls of the most advance gunship technology known to man, you're the best shot the free world has for peace. Ship date: Winter 2001

- Wave Rally: In this action sports game for the PlayStation 2, gamers experience the thrill of competitive personal watercraft racing as they launch off realistic crashing waves, speed over jump ramps and perform spectacular freestyle tricks. Ship date: Winter 2001