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Dark Cloud EXCLUSIVE: PS2 Demo Disk Review

Remember that little postcard you sent in awhile back when you bought your PS2? Well we've got the lowdown on what you'll be getting (screens included) in your mailbox.
Author: Chris Patterson
Published: July 6, 2001
The day was July 6th, 2001, a little over 10 months after I got my PS2. It was a normal day, nothing special going on. But that all changed when I went out to get the mail. I casually opened up my mailbox and took out what was inside. While walking back to the house, I was looking through it and I saw this hard black thin thing in the pile. I took it out and what I saw would forever change my life (well... maybe not, but it was a dramatic experience nevertheless). I finally received my PS2 demo disk from Sony!

So here are some screens of what the holder of the demo disk looks like:

Holder front
Holder back
Demo disk

Demo Disk Verson 2.2 Contents

[blockquote]Playable Demos:

[li]ATV Offroad Fury
[li]Zone Of The Enders
[li]Red Faction
[li]Star Wars Starfighter
[li]Army Men: Green Rogue
[li]Army Men: Air Attack 2
[li]Winback Covert Operations

Game Videos:

[li]NHL FaceOff 2001
[li]NBA ShootOut 2001
[li]Gauntlet Dark Legacy
[li]Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
[li]The Bouncer
[li]Dark Cloud
[li]Onimusha Warlords[/blockquote]So was this demo disk worth the long wait? I don't think you should have to wait this long for ANYTHING to be honest. Still, it's much better than the demos of the past for the PSX. The quality of the videos has increased 10 fold (we all remember how incredibly awful the videos of old looked) and the main menu is stylish and loading times are a breeze.

Overall Demo Disk Rating (out of 10): 8.5