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Arena Football: Road to Glory

Arena Football in the Hizzouse

Your chance to mercilessly rock your opponents on the 50-yard indoor gridiron has arrived!
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: February 22, 2007
Despite what you may have heard, there is only one road to glory in life, and it involves mauling over the throng of defenders standing in your way before reaching the sweet rapture of endzone and cuing the chicken dance, hardcore.

Indeed, true happiness is achieved in none other than a football videogame, which is why we think you'll be utterly pleased to know that Arena Football: Road to Glory has made its glorious stride into retail. Ok, so the game shipped two days ago, but only today does it arrive in stores, pressed and sealed and waiting for you and your entire peewee pigskin crew to come charging through the doors in search of it.

So what awaits you in this year's edition of the only arena football franchise out there? Buckle down with more than 80 playable teams, from the historical to the hot 'n' modern, in both the AFL and af2 leagues. That's right, take that minor league by storm and scoop up the ArenaCup, before exporting your af2 circuit players into the AFL big leagues and gunning for an ArenaBowl championship. On your side this year is also the Total Offense Control, be it zig-zagging through defenders as your key receivers or having that star quarterback hit the hot spots before trouble arrives.

It's Arena Football, it's $29.99, and it's anticipating your purchase at retail everywhere. Yes, we believe you know the drill, sports nuts.