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Area 51

Area 51 is Exposed at Retail

Yes, this sci-fi first person shooter DOES exist. And from what we've heard, it's pretty dang good.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: April 25, 2005
Prepare your eyes for the world's best kept secret, as Midway his sent off to stores Area 51, it's thrilling FPS that digs into the conspiracy behind the research facility of the same name.

"Midway is a company with a deep vault of classic gaming franchises and reinventing some of those, such as Area 51, is a core part of Midway's strategy for 2005 and beyond," details Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway. "Delivering riveting and suspenseful gameplay that no console or PC owner should pass by, Area 51 is the only first-person action thriller to be set within the confines of the U.S.'s most secret military base."

When the U.S. Army here's of a viral outbreak that's led to a total shutdown and quarantine procedures at Area 51, Specialist Ethan Cole (voiced by X-Files man David Duchovny) of the Special Forces is sent in to see what's up. Things only get worse, as across five spanning levels, players will discover the true mind-controlling effects of the virus and an underground alien colony that has been at the facility all along.

Aside from the enthralling storyline, Area 51 offers players the chance to gear up with both human and alien weapons, and even get down and dirty in 16-player online battles.

Area 51 is out, now infecting retailers under its $49.99 price tag and "M" for "Mature" rating.