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Aggressive Inline

Acclaim Ships Aggressive Inline

The first game to ship under Acclaim's AKA division has shipped to stores. Details inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: May 29, 2002
"Aggressive Inline is the action sports video game of the year, and we are very proud to launch it as our premiere title under our new AKA Acclaim action sports brand," boasted Acclaim Senior Brand Manager Ben Fischbach. "Action sports are about freedom of expression, authenticity and extreme athleticism; all of which are the cornerstones for our new AKA Acclaim brand and clearly exemplified throughout Aggressive Inline. With massive interactive levels; scores of tricks; and the best skaters in the world, including several tantalizing female characters who have cultivated quite a following; Aggressive Inline will redefine action sports."

And with those tall claims, Z-Axis' (yes, the same Z-Axis that kicked out the Dave Mirra games) inline -- I'm sorry, AGGRESSIVE inline -- skating game took to the shelves today. Boasting 10 pro skaters and a handful of curvy girls to control around 7 absolutely huge levels, each boasting anywhere between 30 and 60 objectives apiece, and 10-15 cinematic events that can actually alter the level's shape and functions, Aggressive Inline isn't exactly small in scale.

The game, which goes for the usual $50 at all major retailers, will be accompanied by an extensive ad campaign, covering the usual TV, print and online spots, but also including plenty of demos of the game (we were accosted on multiple occasions by amply chested girls offering demos at the Acclaim booth at E3 last week). The game has managed to glean more than a few positive reviews before its release, and we'll have our take on it in just a few days.