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Aggressive Inline

Acclaim Goes Inline

Inline skating, quite possibly the last "extreme sports" frontier, is finally being tapped for videogames. First details inside.
Author: Sam Bishop
Published: November 7, 2001
In this age of extreme sports, we've seen just about every major sport become a video game: BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing for starters. Hell, even surfing has spawned quite a few games. Inline skating hasn't really been explored yet, however. Well, until now. Acclaim recently announced that Z-Axis, the guys behind the deceptively addictive Dave Mirra games are working on Chris Edwards Agressive Inline for every single next-gen system out there, including, that's right, our little black box.

[blockquote]"We are thrilled to expand upon the breadth of our diverse product offerings from the Acclaim Max Sports brand and once again work with Z-Axis to deliver another benchmark title in the genre," said Acclaim senior brand manager Steve Felsen. "With nearly 30 million inline skaters in the United States and more than $250 million generated in revenues annually from equipment manufacturer's sales, Chris Edwards Aggressive Inline is a perfect extension of our extreme sports portfolio."[/blockquote]

While little has been revealed other than the fact that the game is a (surprise) trick-based inline skating game (y'now, those rollerblades the kids like wearing these days?), if Z-Axis can add a little bit more punch to the same engine they used for Dave Mirra 2, we could be seeing some amazing levels. Chris Edwards Agressive Inline hits stores in Summer, 2002.