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Unlock Boxing Commercial

Win a match when playing against the computer to unlock the Boxing Commercial.

Unlock Chopper Command Commercial

Score at least 4000 while playing that game to unlock the Chopper Command commercial.

Unlock Chopper Command Patch

Get a score of 8000 or more to unlock the Chopper Command patch.

Unlock Disco Mode for Atlantis

Score more than 30,000 points in the game to unlock Disco mode.

Unlock Distortion Filter for Fishing Derby

Defeat the computer in a Fishing Derby match to unlock the Distortion Filter.

Unlock Dragster Patch

Finish with a time of less than 6.5 seconds to unlock the Dragster Patch.

Enduro Patch

Drive over 250 miles to unlock the Enduro Patch.

Unlock Freeway Commercial

Earn 30 points or more in Game 1 to unlock the Freeway commercial.

Unlock Ice Hockey Commercial

Score a goal on the opposition with your goaltender to unlock the Ice Hockey commercial.

Unlock Motion Blur Mode for Choplifter

Score at least 6000 points to unlock Motion Blur mode for Choplifter.

Unlock Vertical Hold Mode for Frostbite

Score 4000 or more points in a game to unlock Vertical Hold mode in Frostbite.