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25 To Life

25 To Life Streets

Because we know you've totally been waiting to gun down hoards of coppers without facing the real-life ramifications.
Author: Kyle Sutton
Published: January 18, 2006
There's nothing quite the virtual world to illustrate all the possibilities of shit that shouldn't go down in ours. Take, for example, an all-out war between the boys in blue and the city's most ghettolicious gangsters. If that sounds like your bag of stolen cash, though, rejoice over the fact that 25 To Life lands in retail today (after shipping yesterday - thanks for reminding us, Eidos!). This one promises intense online play, a bumpin' soundtrack of "your favorite hip-hop beats" (sing along, kids!), and a cast of unlockable "celebrities" including Tech N9ne, Daz, DJ Envy, and Kurupt. We can just sense the excitement over there...

No need to restrain your urges to commit senseless violence any longer, as 25 To Life should be shooting up retail as we speak. We hear you're invited!