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Konami Sponsors 5th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament

Turn off your goddamn codec when I'm putting, Snake!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: June 26, 2009
Konami and Best Buy are partnering up to host a celebrity golf tournament/giant tax writeoff to benefit the Big Brothers/Big SIsters program in Miami. No word yet on who any of these nebulous celebrities might be, but my guess is that they must be incredibly famous like Barack Obama or something and so that's why they can't tell us. The celebrities will join members of the BB/BS to showcase their dance skills on DanceDanceRevolution before teeing off, and also will get the opportunity to butcher Britney Spears songs at a Karaoke Revolution sponsored hole. Hosted by DJ Irie, the days proceeds will be used to help combat childhood obesity and raise funds for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Miami. No mention of whether or not we can expect to see Simon Belmont, Revolver Ocelot and Time Pilot out there with Dwayne Wade and Barack's secret service detail, or if entering the Konami code will get you more mulligans, but it seems like a sure bet.

Konami, in coordination with Nintendo of North America will also donate Nintendo Wii's and copies of DanceDanceRevolution Disney Grooves and DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters' Big Fitness program, in addition to Best Buy's donation of a $1000 Gift Card. A "Karaoke Revolution and Irie Weekend" customized Wii, signed by all of the celebrities attending, will also be auctioned off, with all of the proceeds being donated to the organization.

DanceDanceRevolution's legendary status has been enhanced immensely by its use as a fun workout tool. In the battle against childhood obesity, the game has become a part of the official physical education program in many school districts across the country including a groundbreaking deal with the State of West Virginia that put the game in select schools in the state. It is also a featured workout in fitness clubs across the United States as well as libraries, and has been featured in many studies on the connection between video games and weight loss. The next DanceDanceRevolution will be available this fall. Who knew?

R.I.P. Michael Jackson