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[Hands-On] DJ Hero 2

Drop that zero and get with the Hero!
Music ps3 Sep 27, 2010

[Hands-On] Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

We played Dead Space 2's competitive multiplayer. Oh, yes, that's right. Visceral's new space horror title will let you transform into a Necromorph, so you can finally experience that sweet feeling of getting your limbs shot off.
Survival Horror ps3 Sep 13, 2010

On its way to the USA!

11th in the series and counting - Atelier Rorona.
Role-Playing ps3 Sep 12, 2010

[PAX Prime 2010] Indie Game Roundup

We take a trio of unheralded PSN games for a spin...
Action Platformer ps3 Sep 11, 2010

[PAX Prime 2010] Brink Hands-on

It may not be coming until next year, but Brink already looks ready for primetime.
First-Person Shooter ps3 Sep 10, 2010

[PAX Prime 2010] Kung-Fu LIVE Hands-On

We sharpen our Wu-Tang swords for some on-camera shenanigans.
Beat-'Em-Up ps3 Sep 9, 2010
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