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Online Guilds Come To White Knight Chronicles II

Guilds finally arrive in White Knight Chronicles II. You know, for everyone still playing.

TEKKEN Hybridô Is Now Available!

Flock to me like small children flock to King!

The King of Fighters XIII Spin Kicks Onto Shelves

The. Champ. Is. Here!

XSEED Invites You to a Corpse Party

What would our PSPs be without you, XSEED?

DC Universe Online: The Free-to-Play Breakdown

Sony Online Entertainment shares a few very interesting tidbits about their superhero MMO.

Capcom Adds More Zazzle

You know, that whole online store where you can have custom branded merch made?

Sumthing Else Music Works Goes Old-School

What's that? You've been dying to hear some 8- and 16-bit Capcom tunes? Kay.

Zipper Unveils Unit 13 For PS Vita

Now that is something worth being thankful for.

Motorstorm RC Races Onto PSN and PS Vita

It's so cute!