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New PlayStation Vita Model Available In US

Like with the redesigns of the PSP, the PlayStation Vita has some pros and cons to consider.
Author: Ryan Green
Published: May 7, 2014
As of Tuesday May 6th, the latest incarnation of the PlayStation Vita was made available at retail and online in the North America. Originally announced last year during a Japan-focused press event, the system redesign changes up some of the hardware specs but maintains the overall physical layout.

According to SCEA, some of the improvements in the new Vita includes an increase in the system's internal memory (up to 1GB) as well as an extended battery life of approximately 1 additional hour of usage. In addition to numerous yet minute physical changes in build materials and button shapes, this new model uses an LCD display instead of the OLED display found in the original model. IGN Executive Editor Scott Lowe, "Though the resolution remains the same, the LCD loses some of the brightness and vibrant color representation of the OLED."

Complaints about the use of different build materials isn't unusual for many hardware makers, Sony included. When Sony transitioned from the PSP-2000 to the PSP-3000, issues regarding the screen being inferior due to the presence of scanlines or interlacing also caused a stir.

In the case of the PlayStation Vita, a change from the beloved yet problematic OLED may have not only helped to increase the battery life and lower the manufacturing costs but also solve another issue: screen clarity. Early adopters of the PlayStation Vita noticed that there were faint, dark spots on the OLED screen that can be seen during use. While this problem is widespread, it typically does not impact gameplay (unless you are incredibly picky about screen abnormalities).

The PlayStation Vita "Slim" is now available across North America for $199.99. A limited edition bundle including an 8GB memory card and a voucher for Borderlands 2 is also available for the same price. If you've picked up a new Vita, let us know what you think about it by tweeting us @TPSeditors.