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Murdered: Soul Suspect

We Suspect You'll Be Interested In This News About Murdered: Soul Suspect

Like, when you'll actually get to play it!
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: March 4, 2014
Hey, remember the TPS award winner for "Most Intriguing Game" from E3 2013? That's right, it was Square-Enix's upcoming Murdered: Soul Suspect that really tickled our fancy last June.

Since then we've only gotten a smattering of new information, but the game did get announced for next generation (now current gen!) platforms in there someplace. Now we've got a solid release date! June 3rd, for both your PlayStation models Three and Four. Finally!

To refresh some memories, Murdered: Soul Suspect takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, a town renowned for spooky situations and occult adventures. You'll step into the shoes of Ronan O'Connor, a rogue cop who leaves this mortal coil but gets stuck in Dusk, a weird limbo where he is forced to remain until he can bring his killer to justice.

Sure, this sounds like a bad episode of Magnum, P.I. but from what we say this is a game steeped in some great atmosphere and some intriguing investigation mechanics. Sitting in the dark E3 booth watching the level walkthrough we were all struck by just how ominous they had made everything feel. Atmosphere is one of the most important components in this type of game and Soul Suspect seemed to have that aspect nailed early on so we're very excited to see the finished product in June.