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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

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New Trailer for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Come sit my son, and listen to the Tales.
Author: Aram Lecis
Published: February 24, 2014
Who loves compilations? We love compilations! We also love Namco Bandai Games so we couldn't be more excited for tomorrows release of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on the PS3!

The Tales series is a venerable one, and Symphonia is one of the better known titles from a couple generations ago (still have to get used to the fact that we are in a new generation!) and now the PS2 version is getting all dolled up for release on the PS3. Not only will this great package include the remastered original game, it is also set to include Dawn of the New World that's both a spin-off and sequel to the first game. Yes, you'll get not one but TWO action packed full-length RPG's stuffed onto on disc, and that should be enough good times to last you until the Spring!

If you haven't experienced that Tales series before, it's rich history has been an influence on the genre for over a decade at this point. While there are almost two dozen entries in the series, each one features unique stories and often unique gameplay mechanics. One constant is the Linear Motion Battle System (aka LiMBS) that turn up the action compared to the typical turn-based "slog" of traditional Japanese RPG's.

If you've already been a long time fan of the series the shiny new look might not be enough to dive in (especially with other Tales games coming out) but if you haven't spent time with the series yet this is an absolutely amazing place to hop into and get some serious value for your dollar. The game will be available tomorrow, but if you really can't wait you can check out the trailer below to whet your appetite.